Dont Go Kite Sailing .The Importance of Securing your caravan or RV awning.

You Know we love our caravan roll out awning. It provides shade, protection from the elements rain snow. It is our outdoor lounge room and its were i spend most of my time while we are on the road.

We also see what happens when things go terribly wrong. We have seen severe external damage to caravans and RV’s from wind blown awnings that add up to big dollars to fix not to mention the inconvenience of trying to remove a bent frame. On one occasion a lovely lady came to our face to face stall with bruises and cuts to purchase a set of our Roo Paws and explained her husband had tried to put up the awning in the middle of the storm and she was to hang onto the middle. Which she did like a bull dog, but she also never let go when the wind overpowered her husband. So she was deposited onto the roof of the caravan in an untidy heap.

There is not a lot of guidance when you purchase your van or RV about securing down the external awnings and in Australian conditions experienced travelers will tell you be prepared for everything. The she will be right attitude or i will put it up before it blows does not always cut it when on the road and it would be nice if you knew a blow was coming but you never know.

We were at Mt Isa last Christmas 49 degrees not a cloud in the sky and not a breath of wind. When suddenly our 23 foot trade van got shaken like a dogs toy, chairs went everywhere, Bbq blown over and the awning inflated like a balloon with our spring tensioners extended to there full capacity.

I raced from the van to see the biggest whirly whirly i had ever seen recede into the distance. So no  putting up the awning when i think it will blow just does not cut it. Without our Roo Paws attached we would have lost our awning for sure.

So the point is when using the awning dont take it for granted secure it or raise it, Mother Nature will not give you a warning.

The Rockin Roos Team

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